We are an award-winning husband and wife wedding photography team in the Northwest Ohio area. Our style is simple, epic, clean, and worthy of a museum grade album. We seek out to make everyone fall in love with us by the time we are done. Heck we deliberately embark on a campaign to make the bride’s Mom fall in love with us.

Whenever we are photographing a wedding – or any photoshoot for that matter, we first visualize the image we want to create in our minds. Then we do whatever it takes to create that image with our camera. That is why we always prefer to meet and sit down with our couples first before the session. It enables us to get a glimpse of their personalities. The reason is that we want their personalities to be immediately identifiable in their pictures. We want their goofiness, quirkiness, and craziness to be very evident in their pictures. That is what makes us unique; our ability to bring out each couple’s uniqueness captured in memorable moments.

We are huge advocates on prints and albums. You only live once; so why not make sure it’s something you can remember for generations? We want you to be able to grab your wedding album 10 years from today, and just begin to shed tears – not because you probably just finished watching a sad episode of Parenthood where Julie and Joel finally work out their broken relationship – but simply because you remember that day like yesterday. The tears of joy, the laughter, the ring bearing kid who got lost in the audience, and the Mom who couldn’t hold back her tears because she couldn’t believe her little girl is all grown up and getting married.

That‘s what our mission is. To be there not only to bear witness to your strong man losing control of his emotions and just crying like a baby the first time he sets his eyes on you, but to also document it for you. Proof for you to show him someday when he begins to brag about what a strong man he is.

YOU, are the reason why we get out of bed every morning. YOU, are the hero of our story.


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