They say love makes the world go around! Well, we believe in that. We believe love is the solution to EVERY problem the world is suffering from today. Shari and I have been very fortunate to have a very good relationship filled with love for each other, and our little ones; Malachi, and Elisha. But more importantly, our love for God and his relentless love for us is what keeps us alive every day.

Our love-centered family living has given us that greater focus of being able to know exactly how it feels to be so much in love with someone. The ecstatic feeling of wanting to be with your significant other so badly…the excitement and emotion that comes with being engaged and counting the days until you say “I do”…we know exactly how that feels. We believe marriage is an institution God purposely designed to reveal what true love actually means to two individuals. We’ve never left a wedding reception without having a husband and wife dance ourselves. You just can’t be around two persons who are so madly in love with each other on their wedding day, and not be affected by it. That’s how much we believe it love. So YES – You’re at the right place.

We consider it an immense honor to be able to capture and preserve such a beautiful thing that marriage is. Our favorite part of the day is always being able to experience the overwhelming love that engulfs the couple the very first time the bride walks down the aisle. It is a priceless moment and beyond something words can describe. We’ve witnessed (and captured) memories of grooms crying their eyes out the very indescribable sight of their bride for the first time. We’ve also encountered the unfathomable love of a mother who couldn’t contain her emotions upon seeing her son shed tears of joy at the sight of his bride. Heck we’ve even witnessed a whole room of wedding guests feel so overwhelmed with the love in the room that the only thing they could do was to cry – literally every single one of them. So we know and have experienced the true power of love. .

We believe that marriage was created to be a bond between two individuals that would last forever. With that belief, we use wedding photography to create memories of your wedding day that lasts a lifetime.

We believe in offering our best, and nothing less of our very best. It’s what we’d want others to do for us. Would you rather hire someone who will be at your wedding simply because they’re there to get a job done, someone who will be there not only to share and be a part of your big day, but because they want to make sure your wedding pictures are done right, and not one more thing for you to worry about on your busy wedding day?

The greatest pride we have as wedding photographers is to get to spend time with different couples and be able  to witness the love that binds them both. We also get to share in one of the best days of their lives, knowing that they completely trust us to confidently capture their memories as they happen — just the way they want them to be documented. After all, you only get your dream wedding once. Why not do it right?

With the advancement of technology, everyone can have access to a camera. But when it comes to wedding photography, we take it very serious and set ourselves apart by making sure you never forget the passion and love with which we worked with you on your big day to create those memories.

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We’ve been married for almost five years and have lived in three different states, five different towns. During that time, we’ve met and encountered different people from all walks of life. The one thing that has stuck out amongst everyone we’ve met is the love and passion for their friends and loved ones. Out of that love has been birthed a deep desire to preserve precious memories. It is that same desire to preserve priceless memories that has you visiting our page today.

My wife, Shari, and have two gorgeous boys named Malachi, and Elisha. Malachi was born August 2015, and Elisha January 4th 2018. Since their addition to the family, we have never cherished memories as much as we do now.

Shari and I first met in Ghana on a Friday night in August 2010, while hanging out with friends. She had just moved to Ghana to teach in one of the International schools a couple of weeks prior to meeting me. Regardless of how tired I was, I just could not take my eyes off her from across the table. We were both involved in our church worship team, and she definitely didn’t like me much at first. However, after I eventually worked my charm on her, she was finally ready not only to go out with me, but to also marry me. (Feel free to ask for the rest of the story when we meet).

Seven years later, here we are with our bundles of joy who light up our home with their smiles and laughter. They are both growing like weed, but they are proof of how one can have so much love for another human being. We love both our sons to death, and that has given us a completely different perspective on relationships and their importance to life. Go ahead and contact us now, and we’ll be more than happy to sit down and chat with you about your big day.

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