Payton + Parker Rose Garden Engagement

June 27, 2018

Lakeside Park & Rose Garden, Fort Wayne

Parker and Payton braved the gloomy weather and came to hang with me at the Lakeside Park & Rose Garden for their engagement pictures. They were down for whatever I had in mind. That included watching me climb a tree I obviously had no business climbing. Gotta do what you gotta do to get those beautiful shots. They were absolutely gorgeous, and so easy to photograph.

To Payton, Parker is “the one, and he has shown me that he is the constant in my life through all the ups and downs.” These two fell in love at a very young age, and were too young to go on dates so they’d just hang out at their family’s houses and watch movies.

When I met with Parker and Payton, it was quite interesting to see their journey from how she thought he was a rough looking kid in school to him finally “catching” her eye with his studly looks down the road. She did admit that he wore lots of grey/black when they first started and hanging out at each other’s houses. They never actually had an official “first date” at the beginning of our relationship.

When I asked her what she finds to be his greatest qualities, she responded by saying “He is loyal, soft-hearted and trustworthy.” Those are really great qualities and sold me on them.