Niki + Micah Downtown Fort Wayne Engagement

August 4, 2018


Niki: “Micah and I met in a unique way in December 2015, when we went out for dinner with a group of friends from church. Tabitha – my sign language interpreter and Micah’s Mom – was also there with her family. At some point during the dinner, Micah and I started talking about how silly the  show ‘Married by Mom and Dad’ was.

When I asked Micah how he felt about his parents picking his wife for him, he said a big “NO!” I then jokingly asked how he’d feel if his mom picked me. He acted really cool with it. His mom then said she would definitely love for me to be a part of her family. From then on, Micah and I were jokingly “engaged” because of the show we’d joked about when we first met. I later learned that he had actually been crushing on me for a while.

We started talking and hanging out often after that night, which drew us very close. I felt very emotionally safe with him, which is something I had never felt before with a guy. He’s always shown me an unconditional love, which is rare to find in this world. We have separate interests and hobbies, but still enjoy quality time together no matter what we are doing. One of the best things about our relationship is how much we love, understand and communicate together.

When Micah and I met Godwin for our engagement photos, we went downtown Fort Wayne. It was 90 degrees out that day, so we were extremely hot. However, Godwin still made it fun for us by cracking jokes and finding more areas to shoot photos. We did enjoy having our engagement photos done by him!”