Jordan + Isaiah Engagement

      Jordan and Isaiah are definitely one of those couples that just look good on camera. No matter how hard you try, they’re just too cool to not look cool on camera. It’s almost as if Adam Levine’s son met and fell in love with Scarlet Johanssen’s daughter. (Yes, both of them are my crushes. Judge me all you want). The results = perfection. These two have been together for quite a while, and finally decided to take the plunge and get engaged. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect couple. Isaiah is the gentleman I want to be when I grow older someday, and Jordan is the beautiful lady I’d wish to be if I was ever reborn a woman lol.
      The funny thing that happened on this shoot was the moment I realized I had been photographing them for about 10 minutes, only to realize I had no memory card in my camera. Gosh darn it! Turned out that I had left my entire collection of cards at home. Befuddled, I immediately told them what had happened and jumped into my car. They both laughed and got into their car as well. We raced to the nearest Target and got a memory card. The rest, as you can see for yourself, was pure magic brewed on a chilly Saturday morning in Fort Wayne.
      Hanging with these two was so easy. They didn’t have to try to be comfortable with each other. They ARE each other’s soulmate, and I’m so pumped and honored to be photographing their wedding in only a couple of months.