Jim + Lynette Wedding

October 20, 2018


Jim and Lynette have a story unlike any I’ve heard of before. First off… Have you ever been to a wedding that felt like a warm Christmas day family gathering…in October? Well, this was exactly what this wedding felt like. The pumpkins and beer barrel decor, blended with the cozy hard wood fireplace walls made from wine barrels definitely created a homey scenery for the wedding. Anyway, back to Jim and Lynette.

Jim and Lynette actually knew each other all the way back in High School. He played sports, and she was his cheerleader. They weren’t dating back then, but knew each other. I remember how I laughed so hard when they showed a picture of the two of them from High School. I just couldn’t stop laughing. Over 25 years later, they found each other again and started talking. This is the first time Jim is getting married, and it’s to his High School cheerleader. Now isn’t that quite the story?

This was definitely unlike any other wedding I’ve every photographed. It was smaller and much cozy. The entire room was filled with family members and friends. I met Lynette’s best friend from High School, whose name was Anette lol! Get it? Lynette…Anette? I was also quite pleased with how they braved the cold and came out to take pictures with me. You see, this was literally the first day that snow decided to fall on a Fall day…on October 20th. No pun intended. One moment it was nice outside, and then there was snow. Gotta love the bizarre Indiana weather.

Really glad I got to share and be a part of Jim and Lynette’s day!

Venue: Sutton’s Event Center, Angola Indiana