Sonya + Shawn Headwaters Park Engagement

October 27, 2018


Fall means gorgeous pictures, right! Well, I had the best of both worlds – a gorgeous and incredibly hilarious couple, and a beautiful chilly Fall afternoon. Shawn was my dude; funny and very witty. Some of my favorite sessions are the ones where we (the guys) get to gang up on the lady and make her uncomfortable…in a good way lol.

Sonya was definitely not an exception. There were a lot of the infamous “that’s what she said” jokes from the office, as well as what may have looked like some boob grabbing and butt groping by Shawn. Sonya may or may not have enjoyed them. I can neither confirm nor deny what I saw, but man do I love couples like that.   

Here’s their story, as told by Sonya! 

“Shawn and I met in High School in 2006. We were at a mutual friend’s house and he walked in with one of his friends. I knew right away that I did not like him because he was loud and arrogant. We decided to hang out as friends for the first year, and I found myself making up excuses to go to his house just to see him. Sometimes I would say I left my cell phone there or my favorite chap-stick. We eventually started hanging out regularly. 

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“In 2011, I started dropping not so subtle hints that I wanted to get married after we bought our first house in Bryan. I would send him pictures of the type of ring I like and what size I am. I had specific rules on him proposing, I wanted my nails to be done and someone there to document it.

Shawn and I decided to do a photo session with my sister-in-law when we went to Myrtle Beach for my family’s vacation this year. During the session, I turned to look at something over the water, only to turn back around to see Shawn on one knee and asking me to marry him. It was the best vacation I’ve ever had, and I’ll never forget it. 

When we met with Godwin, I felt like we had been friends. He was so personable and Godwin can’t help but not like Godwin. He made Shawn and I feel so comfortable. He worked so well with us and our awkwardness that we are. Godwin was patient and had us laughing the whole time. I tried my best to wait for the pictures. When he sent me the sneak peek, I lost my mind! I basically showed it to everyone I met. I’m in love with the pictures, and the way they turned out. They were done with such elegance and just beautiful. I’m so happy I stumbled upon Two Hearts Collective’s website and contacted Godwin.”

…Sonya Lyen