Niki+Micah | Wedding at the Fort Wayne Botanical Conservatory

May 31, 2020

The Fort Wayne Botanical Conservatory is such an amazing place to photograph a wedding. So when Niki told me her wedding was going to be done there, I was very ecstatic. Even though it was cold day outside, the conservatory was warm as if it were summer. Niki and Micah had their families show up big time to support them.

We felt very important because it felt like we had the whole building to ourselves, which was awesome. Even though the day went pretty quick and stress levels were high for everyone, Niki and Micah were both relaxed and super fun to photograph. My favorite part of the wedding was the lovely kids who were just way too adorable to ignore, as well as the couple’s toast by Niki’s Dad. Talk of a brilliantly hilarious guy.

Congratulations again, Mr. and Mrs. Poplin.