Colin + Kathleen’s Downtown Auburn Engagement

July 6, 2018

A Warm & Humid afternoon Engagement

I’ve never seen love in the eyes of a woman like the way I beheld Kathleen’s love for Colin in her eyes. Well, of course Colin loves her too, dearly! But who cares about the men, right lol? Colin and Kathleen came to hang with me on a very humid and bug-full Saturday evening for their engagement pictures. Despite all the bug bites, Kathleen spitting open an old cut on her hand, an uncomfortably warm, humid, and sweaty weather, these two were still determined to hang out and create some magical moments. Well, I think they just liked me a lot because I’m good looking lol.
Ok back to these two…
Colin is also a pretty rad photographer, so the stakes were high for me to deliver. I was also determined to have fun just like they were doing. Unfortunately, my wife wasn’t there to check out my booty like Kathleen was checking Colin’s out. Yes, she definitely was checking his booty out until I caught her. Then she was like “NO! I don’t want that in my engagement pictures!” Needless to say, those pictures did end up in her engagement pictures, and they’re some of our favorites. After spending sometime shooting at the park, we went to downtown Auburn and made some silhouette magic with the sunset.
We can’t wait to photograph Colin and Kathleen’s wedding in September. It’s going to be AMAZEBALLS!!!!!