Chelsea + Nick Wedding at The Old Barn

Chelsea + Nick Wedding at The Old Barn

For Chelsea and Nick’s gorgeous wedding, we wanted to do something different; Something unique. We approach every couple and every wedding with a unique perspective. This was going to be a DIY barn wedding, but we wanted it to have a classy look to it because there’s a perception that some barn weddings have a trashy, cheap look to it. We wanted to tell a story – of two people who had found solitude and comfort in each other after coming out of previous not-so-good marriages. In Chelsea’s own words, she was “blown away with how Nick took her three boys as his very own.” He’s the kind of gentleman who opens and holds the door for his lady. Yes, they still exist lol.

We walked into the bride’s hotel room and immediately knew that we were in for a fun-filled day. The room was packed full with bridesmaids, nephews and nieces, parents, and friends who had come to support the couple. Now that’s what we call a “party.” We just dove right in on all the craziness that was going on, and immediately starting creating some amazing photos from everything as they happened.

By the time we realized, it was already night time and there was this amazing sunset thingy going on outside. We were definitely not going to miss out on creating some rad pictures from that.


Photographer – Two Hearts Collective

Venue: The Old Barn, Fort Wayne

Makeup: Ashlynn Simone Artistry

Florist: Bride

Caterers: Shigs in Pit Catering