Brandi + Isaac’s Downtown Fort Wayne Engagement

      What’s your idea of an adventure? What do you do when you find yourself in downtown Fort Wayne on an almost 90 degree hot afternoon with an absolutely hot couple? (see what I did there lol) My idea of an adventure was to take this fun-loving couple (who didn’t give a crap about the hot sun), and jump up to the top of a parking garage about 50 feet off the ground for some epic shots. That, is my idea of a good time.

      Brandi and Isaac definitely brought the fun to the party. We trekked around most of downtown, creating some beautiful shots around the Grand Wayne Convention Center, and other sweet spots as we went. When you find a couple that is down for anything, you try to do whatever comes to mind. Despite all the beauty we were surrounded with, the only beauty I couldn’t get enough of was what was right in front of me. The bond of sweet love that was transpiring between Isaac and Brandi was unreal. Her dimply smiles, his manly studliness, well and of course my awesome presence (gotta throw myself some accolades as well) made for a pretty amazing time.
      I didn’t need a magician to show me just how much they loved each other, and I didn’t feel like I was photographing a couple; I felt like paparazzi following a rich beautiful couple around for some pictures. That, was how awesome my day with Brandi and Isaac was. Looking forward to the next couple who will dare to break their record of awesomeness.