Alyson + Nick First Christian Church Wedding

June 4, 2016

First Christian Church, Fort Wayne

When we walked into the quiet wedding venue, we had no idea what to expect for the rest of the day. It was a not-so-warm Saturday morning in June, but I did know one thing for sure. Alyson and Nick were definitely not the kind of couple who were going to let themselves have a terrible day.

If their engagement session had been any indication, those two love birds definitely knew how to have fun at First Christian Church, Fort Wayne Indiana. We walked into Alyson’s dressing room and were instantly bombarded by her three bridesmaids. Two of them just happened to be her sisters, and a friend. Alyson & Nick Wedding: Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Even though it rained – preventing us from going outside for a creative session – we still had a blast with the couple indoors.