We are an award-winning husband and wife wedding photography team in the Northwest Ohio area.

      Our style is simple, epic, clean, and worth cherishing as a family heirloom.

      Whenever we are photographing a wedding – or any photoshoot for that matter, we first visualize the image we want to create in our minds. Then we do whatever it takes to create that image with our camera.

      We are huge advocates on prints and albums. You only live once; so why not make sure it’s something you can remember for generations? We want you to be able to grab your wedding album 10 years from today, and just begin to shed tears – not because you probably just finished watching a sad episode of Parenthood where Julie and Joel finally work out their broken relationship – but simply because you remember that day like yesterday. The tears of joy, the laughter, the ring bearing kid who got lost in the audience, and the Mom who couldn’t hold back her tears because she couldn’t believe her little girl is all grown up and getting married.

      That‘s what our mission is. To be there not only to bear witness to your strong man losing control of his emotions and just crying like a baby the first time he sets his eyes on you, but to also document it for you. Proof for you to show him someday when he begins to brag about what a strong man he is.

      YOU, are the reason why we do this. YOU, are the hero of our story.


      Shari and I first met in Ghana on a Friday night in August 2010, while hanging out with friends. She had just moved to Ghana to teach in one of the International schools a couple of weeks prior to meeting me. Regardless of how tired I was, I just could not take my eyes off her from across the table. We were both involved in our church worship team, and she definitely didn’t like me much at first. However, after I eventually worked my charm on her, she was finally ready not only to go out with me, but to also marry me. (Feel free to ask for the rest of the story when we meet).

      Eight years later, here we are with our bundles of joy who light up our home with their smiles and laughter. We have two gorgeous boys named Malachi, and Elisha. Malachi was born in 2015, and Elisha January 2018. Since their addition to the family, we have never cherished memories as much as we do now.They are both growing like weed, but they are proof of how one can have so much love for another human being. We love both our sons to death, and that has given us a completely different perspective on relationships and their importance to life. Go ahead and contact us now, and we’ll be more than happy to sit down and chat with you about your big day.



      Organized, a planner, and a creature of habit. She's the one thing I never show up to a shoot without. She's my best friend, wife, and partner in crime.

      On a wedding day, she sees the little (or rather big) details that only a woman can notice. She helps me keep my calm in the midst of all the stress that goes on during a wedding day.


      Let me start by saying that I'd like to think of myself as a pretty funny person lol. Shari, however, strongly disagrees with that. Well, that's her problem. I think I bring the fun to the party. I strongly believe in laughter, and I believe that people are more important than anything else. That's why I strive my best to be my best by all standards.

      I believe in giving nothing but my absolute best, regardless of the situation. So whenever I show up for any session, I treat it as if my life depends on it. If you're going to do something, make sure it's nothing short of your absolute best. As my good friend Ben Adams from Style & Story Creative famously says, "go big, or go home!"

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      We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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